Be As

Trigger warning for graphic description of bullying

It was the third time his week. In an attempt to not fight back Adrian had landed himself shut up in a locker at the far end of the hallway. “I should have just beat them up…” He said to himself. He tried to move into a slightly more comfortable position and winced as the bruises on his arms and side
brushed up against the side of the locker.

Today was not his day. In fact, it wasn’t his week or month either. Ever since he had moved to Toronto  with his Uncle, Adrian had been picked on relentlessly upon starting at his new school. ‘Scar-face’ they called him. ‘Anti-social fag’ and ‘Ugly’ where the whispers as he walked down the hall. He began to wonder why he even bothered anymore.

It was his Uncle that told him not to fight back and when the bullying continued, Sean himself had gone down to talk to the headmaster. A stern talking to only had so much of an effect on bad students and it continued whether Adrian and Sean liked it or not.

Adrian sighed in frustration and pushed against the locker door. It must have been about an hour since he had been shoved in there.

“Hello? Someone? Anybody?”

Again no answer. Adrian whimpered softly and he felt the tears sting at his eyes. Uncle was probably wondering where he was now and getting worried.

“Please help?” He managed again. His voice coming out in a squeak.

Suddenly Adrian heard a movement outside the locker and he perked up squirming again.

“Hello? Is someone there?”

There was more rustling and then a pair of hazel eyes peeked into the slits at the top of the of the locker.

“Holy shit! There’s someone inside there!”  The voice said, surprised.

Adrian pushed at the door again. “Can you get me out?” He asked softly. He sincerely hoped that he wasn’t going to be let out to just be beaten up again.  He heard a clanking and the voice outside the locker spoke again.

“Give me about 2 minutes and I’ll have you out of there in no time,”

Adrian waited. He heard banging and clanking then the sound of the part that held the lock to the locker being snapped. When the door swung open he fell onto this knees on the floor in front of the locker.  ”Ah~!”

He winced and rubbed his knees before looking up at the boy in front of him. His savior stood about 5″9 and had a mop of messy brown hair. He wore a pair of torn up Keds, ripped up jeans and a baggy green hoodie. Anyone else would consider him an no-body but to Adrian, he was an Angel.

“Wow, I didn’t know anyone could bend like that. Are you okay, kid?” The boy asked reaching out his hand to help him up. Adrian took the hand and slowly stood.

“Yeah just a little cramped up.” He replied. “I was in here for an hour already before you came.” He didn’t care that the locker had been broken. It’s not like it was his.

“How did you end up in there?” The boy asked, looking Adrian over. It was then he noticed the scar and he realized that must have been the reason of the locker incarceration. He was an outcast, like him.

Adrian noticed him looking and turned his face away his cheeks red. “I always get picked on.” He said quietly. “About being new, about my scar, about being ugly and anti-social.” There was a touch of bitterness in his voice and he looked away again, voice dropping to a whisper. “and about being ….gay…” For some reason, Adrian knew he could trust the strange boy with this fact, even though it was common knowledge throughout the school.

The brown-haired boy smiled sadly. “I understand.” He said gently. “I know what it’s like to be an outcast.”

Adrian didn’t say anything. He grabbed his backpack from inside the locker and looked back at the other boy again.

“I should get home, my Uncle is probably worried.”

Then he was gone, leaving his ‘angel’ standing in front of the locker watching after him.
The next morning Adrian rushed through the crowds in the hallway, he avoided bumping into as many people as possible and tried not to attract attention to himself. He managed to reach his locker unharmed and quickly turned the lock to get inside.

Sitting on the top shelf was a rose with yellow petals laying on top of a note folded in half. Adrian blinked and took the rose delicately between his fingers and leaned in for a sniff. It was real.
He placed the rose gently back on the shelf and opened the note, his eyes stinging with tears as he read the scrawling cursive.

“Not Everyone in the world is an asshole, you’re beautiful
and one day you’ll find someone that appreciates the beauty that is you.
Smile.  -A”

- Fin.

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