La Tempête Parfaite

I would like to welcome the newest member of our writing team, Brent Jones. In his first post with us, he writes a poem about emotions and self-esteem. Thanks for sharing with us, Brent!

La Tempête Parfaite

La tempête fait rage dans mon coeur

Quand les vagues prédestinées du destin rencontrent lentement le fond marin, l’océan dans sa grandeur n’est pas assez grand pour les contenir.

Alors que se passe-il pour le pauvre marin fatigué attrapé dans le tourment du doute?

Il y a encore un espoir de refuge; il y a encore la foi dans l’existence de l’amour.

The Perfect Storm

The perfect storm rages in my heart
When the predestined waves of fate met the gradually shaped bottom of the sea floor, the ocean in its greatness was not big enough to contain it.
What then for the poor way faring sailor caught in the torment of unsettled self-doubt?
There is still hope of safe harbor; there is still faith in the existence of love.

Now settled the sailor approaches the harbor
Humbled and taught by the toll of the storm
Eyes caste down to the rippled seaboards, from the twist and strain on the seabird’s frame
My hope was indispensably tested, faith formed and character made
Compelled to a subtle and sublime introspection
My heart jumps now that I know
The storm brought me swiftly and safely to the warmth of your shore

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