I’m back!

Hi readers (and writers),

I apologize for my lengthy absence. As you know, the people who contribute to this website are people who live with mental health issues and/or mental illness. I am no exception. I live with bipolar II disorder, and in the last month, my moods have swung from a hypomanic high to a depressive low, and for a while I was having a difficult time attending to my normal responsibilities as editor of this website. I am looking forward to get back to work here, and there should be some articles being posted on our regular (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) schedule once again.

To the members of the QMH.org writing team: thank you for your patience, I know a number of you have submitted articles during this time. Thank you for your patience in getting your articles published. I will be publishing them once again, in the order of submission.

Thank you,
Hanners Ellicott-Chatham

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