Please welcome our new Editor — Starfish

We’re coming upon a new year again, and once again I find myself coming back to QueerMentalHealth. It feels great to be working on the site again, and hopefully in the next few months, we’ll be seeing some improvements. Speaking of which…

The QueerMentalHealth team is growing. We’ve got lots of new writers joining us, and now, we have a new editor joining us as well. Starfish, who has been with us as a writer for some time, expressed their concern for the lack of maintenance on the website some time ago. They asked how they could be of help, and after discussing it, we decided they would make a great editor for the site. Yesterday’s article was the first one to be edited by Starfish, and by golly, they’ve done a great job! So please give Starfish a warm welcome!

Hanners Blackthorne,

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