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What precautions should be taken when using Cafergot (ergotamine and caffeine)?

Before using https://healthsouthspringhill.com/shop/cafergot.html Cafergot, it's essential to be aware of potential drug interactions and to avoid consuming grapefruit or grapefruit juice, as it can increase ergotamine levels in the blood. Additionally, patients should not take Cafergot if they have certain medical conditions, including heart disease or uncontrolled high blood pressure. Always consult with a healthcare professional to ensure the medication is safe and appropriate for you.

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Happy 5th Birthday, QueerMentalHealth.org!

Wow, it’s been 5 years already since I created QueerMentalHealth.org!

My experience in the mental hospital

Trigger warning: Involuntary restraint, abuse from hospital staff.

I was passing by an elderly man in a wheelchair, and he grabbed at my arm. I shook my arm free and pulled away from him. All of a sudden, two nurses and a tech were yelling at me, telling me to go to my room or sit down. Admittedly, after they said that, I became quite defiant, but not a danger or threat to myself or others.

Lost Contact

Imagine never being alone, and still being lonely. Its just as empty in my chest as it is full in my house. Always people coming and going. Talking, yelling, laughter. Noise, it has just become noise to me.

Trauma is Trauma

Trigger Warning: graphic description of psychotic episode, violence

Does it change your view to know that I live with schizophrenia, and when the police came, there was no evidence anyone had broken in, no blood, no man? That�s where it gets tough. This experience, and other similarly intense experiences, are discounted because the general population doesn�t see them as �real�.

My Thoughts on Guns as a Mentally Ill Person

Trigger Warning: Descriptions of violence, mentions of suicide and gun use.

As I watch mass shooting after mass shooting play out on CNN and Obama�s recent town hall on guns, the same themes play out over and over. The mentally ill are consistently blamed for gun violence as a convenient scapegoat to avoid facing the real culprit for gun violence: toxic masculinity and the sheer ease and availability of gun ownership in America.

On Life, Death, and Fatness

The thing of it is, my sister�s death has taught me that fat shaming from the outside world is, astoundingly, the very least of my problems, even though it affects my friendships, relationships, the quality of care I receive on literally any platform, and my chances of getting things like jobs and housing, regardless of my references and qualifications. I have been realizing in the past year and a bit that the worst damage is the damage I now do to myself: internalized fat phobia.

I Swear This Is Not My Best

Trigger Warning: Description of bulimic purging.

This is not romantic this is not beautiful
Fuck anybody who tells you it is

Transgender Day of Remembrance, 2015

Another year has gone, and sadly, so have way too many people. Transgender Day of Rememberance is the day where we remember those who have lost their lives to transphobic hatred. Please take a moment to remember them, and to recognize that the vast majority of these victims were women of colour.

Hanners Blackthorne,
Creator, QueerMentalHealth.org

The Proof is On Her Arm

Trigger Warning: Art involving themes of sexual assault and self-harm.