QueerMentalHealth.org is an online peer support website for LGBTQ people with mental health issues and their concerned partners. This website is meant to be a safe, anonymous space for all people who fall under the queer umbrella. That includes people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, intersexed, queer, questioning, and allies as well.

Our mission is to foster peer support and a sense of community for queer people and their partners who deal with mental health issues. We can accomplish this by providing a space for individual voices to be heard and recognized for the struggles we all face together.

While QueerMentalHealth.org takes no official position on virtually any issue related to mental health (and indeed, we publish articles from our volunteer writers which may represent a broad range of views on the mental health care system), we generally encourage the following:

  • Harm Reduction as a primary strategy in mental health care
  • Empowering mental health consumers to make informed choices about their treatment and care
  • Reduction of paternalistic attitudes from mental health care professionals
  • prevention of homophobia, including anti-LGBTQ bullying, and protection for its victims
  • Broad protections for queer youth, including education of peers on homophobia and acceptance
  • Education on LGBTQ-specific issues for mental health care professionals
With that said, submissions from our writers will not be turned away or edited in the instance that they conflict with these views. We believe in supporting individual voices, even when the they contradict one’s own.

Please be aware that this is intended solely as a support site. While we provide some basic information about various mental health issues, we are not a substitution for therapy from a registered counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist, nor are we a substitution for any medical care related to mental health or otherwise. None of the people who run this site are professionals. While we have  a section in the forum to discuss suicidal thoughts, we are not equipped to help anyone who is actively suicidal. People who are actively suicidal will be directed to contact a suicide prevention resource such as The Trevor Project.


Writers Wanted!

We are always looking for new writers! If you want a safe space to write about your mental health issues, you have come to the right place. You are welcome to join the Queer Mental Health Writers’ Team. You may be credited or anonymous, with names or details modified to protect your privacy, and the privacy of others mentioned in your work. Check out the details at http://queermentalhealth.org/write/