Pansexual Erasure vs Support

This is a freeform poem I wrote about pansexual erasure and visibility.

“Just pick a side!”
“So you like trannies?!”
“It’s just a phase!”
“It’s just a fad!”
“Stop trying to be so different!”
Erasure has never hurt so much.
Now I know how my pansexual brothers and sisters feel.
Erasure. Phobia. Hatred. Confusion.
Visibility. Support. Acceptance. Affirmation.
When I came out to my mom,
She said she loved me not despite my sexuality,
but because of it.
When I came out to my girlfriend,
She didn’t care what sexuality I was,
Because she knew I loved her.
When I came out to my brother,
He never saw me any different.
For the most part,
People don’t understand,
What pansexuality is.
But the few people that do,
I appreciate you.

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