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Happy Birthday, Queer Mental Health!

Wow, I can’t believe a whole year has passed already since I created Queer Mental Health. Thanks to the hard work by all our writers, this website¬†has grown into a strong website with high-quality content. Did you know we’re getting hits from all over the world, even from countries where homosexuality and transsexuality are illegal […]

What To Do When Nothing’s Working

I am going to attempt to make this useful, even though a large part of the focus of this article is to release frustration. I also hope that this will be of some help to others of you who may be suffering, despite your best efforts to get help for yourself. I understand that not […]

Remembering Jamie Hubley

Another day, another LGBTQ youth suicide. I am sad to report that 15-year old Jamie Hubley, from Kanata, Ontario, Canada ended his life on Saturday, overwhelmed by loneliness and homophobic bullying. On his Tumblr, he expressed his pain and depression for months. In his final post, he said the following: Its just too hard. I […]