I’ll believe you.

Note: I submitted and wrote this while I was in an abusive relationship, and it happened to be accepted for publishing months later. Things are much better now. I left and I did find a few people I could count on.

I’ll believe you

Next time you see me falling
please remind me that it’s never wise
to put trust in people
who live for themselves

and only themselves

I wanted a family
again and again
I sought with excitement
but some animals are solitary

Some animals are solitary

Fighting social nature
trying to be free

I was never supposed to be here

but I found my way

Perhaps I got lost
on the wrong planet
or in the wrong time

to learn a lesson from this pain

I want it to stop
I want time to heal
just a little time to heal

Wounds ripped open
over and over
never have a chance to mend


Sometimes I think it will be different
Sometimes I think it’s all me
Sometimes I feel like a victim


sometimes it’s ok
sometimes it’s ok

maybe this time
it’ll be ok

Maybe I’ll make it this time
Maybe I’ll want to survive

Tell me it will be ok
this time

I’ll believe you

What else can I do?