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Lady MacBeth

May 24th is Schizophrenia Awareness Day. In honour of it, we’ve gone purple for the day! Here’s a song, written and performed by Coda Francis, about his experience with schizophrenia.

I hear sirens in my head,
As I’m wide awake, laying on my bed.
The air is thick with the smell of fear and hate.
Clean the carpet from the hypothetical blood stains.

Sorry to Bother You

Excuse me, sir, but do you know where I am?
I’m lost and I can’t seem to find me…
I’ve looked all around, but all I have found
Are pieces of someone else…

Pardon ma’am, have you seen me anywhere?
A face too invisible for a milk carton…
Where have I gone?  I’ve been lost for so long
Outside myself.