QueerMentalHealth.org Needs to Move to Iceland

For those of you who follow Canadian politics, the Harper Government is pushing through Bill C-51, legislation which would seriously undermine privacy rights in Canada. Though there is widespread resistance to this bill, it has so far already passed through Parliament, and is likely to pass through the Senate shortly.

One of the main factors which attract our writers is QueerMentalHealth.org’s significant privacy protections. Our writers depend on anonymity in order to feel safe enough to voice their views on mental health, especially those important views which are critical of the mental health care system.

QueerMentalHealth.org is currently hosted on servers which reside in Canada. I am ready to migrate the website to a hosting company which is based in Iceland, a country which has some of the strictest privacy protections in the world. But QMH has never had a budget and does not receive donations (QMH is currently provided free hosting by one of our writers). In order to pay the costs for hosting, those funds must be raised. We need just under $200 to start an account with the new host, which would cover the first 3 years. It’s not a lot of money — I’m sure we can raise it quickly. Will you help support QueerMentalHealth.org continue to protect our writers’ privacy? Any donations you make will be appreciated. If you can’t donate, sharing this link will help too.

Thank you,
Hanners Blackthorne
Creator, QueerMentalHealth.org

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