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    I have pretty much always identified as female. Cis-gender. I have never thought about anything else, really. I have never been aware that there are other options out there, much less considered them. But I’ve also been on the tomboy side of female, right from the get-go. I hung out with boys, I beat up boys, I followed boys into the bathroom and watched them pee. I really really wanted a penis, and I tried as hard as I could to grow one. I remember when I was little I’d sit in the passenger seat of the car as I went with one of my parents on an errand-running mission, and I would feel a certain friction between my legs or against my groin from the way I was sitting on the seat, the way the seatbelt fit or my pants were tugging, and imagine a penis growing between my legs.

    Mental Illness and Romantic Rejection

    “I just don’t think I could handle that kind of rejection.” – George McFly

    When you’re a little obsessed with your own mistakes, and you can replay every stupid thing you’ve ever said in your head, dozens or hundreds of times, until you become the biggest idiot in the world and can prove it mathematically, you tend to take some things a little harshly. Romantic rejection isn’t easy for anyone, but experiencing it with a healthy dose of depression and obsession is a whole lot less fun.


    I would like to welcome the newest member of our writing team, Reba Overkill. In its first post with us, it speaks through poetry to recall its struggle with being heard by the people who matter. Thanks for sharing with us, Reba!

    Trigger Warning: allusions to sexual abuse, self-injury & suicide attempts.

    it all came together a few nights ago, weak and bent
    in your lap, feeling lost, feeling like it was years ago when
    i was never anything like the me that you know. i was
    someone who was trying to speak, nobody listened and i didn’t
    understand because i can hear so fucking well, i listened and
    i heard sirens, and songs that i would sing with people who i did
    not end up loving very kindly. i heard calm assertions by
    people in authority that left cracks in parts of me. i heard
    the breath i took in when i woke up and was not dead, even
    for all my trying. i heard people leaving hints for their departure,
    inclining heads towards one-way tickets to not existing.